Spark your imagination...

  Are you inspired today? Do you look around and find yourself drifting off into worlds that might exist somewhere, just beyond sight? Your surroundings should inspire you and reflect your personality. Refresh your house with fresh art, crack open that dusty journal and paint something colorful, adorn yourself with jewelry that speaks to you. Or maybe you just need to curl up in a ray of sunshine with your favorite tea and get lost in a book. Whatever you do, keep the spark alive!

The world is but a canvas for the imagination.
— Henri David Thoreau

Expand your senses...

  Early morning sunshine streams in your window as you slip on your favorite earrings and scarf, grab your new plaid travel mug of freshly brewed french roast and head out the door to work. It rained last night and the world is scrubbed clean with a breeze that whispers of fertile earth and endless possibilities. You notice a fallen leaf coated with perfectly round rain drops, magnifying the dizzying number of life giving veins. It's one fleeting moment of beauty that can easily be lost in a day full of lunch meetings, Instagram, photo shoots, takeout and Netflix.

  Take a few minutes a day to look for at least one lovely moment. Tuck it away into your heart and bring it back out later when you need it. Before long you will be finding so many reasons to smile on every ordinary day!

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.
— Confucius

Collect moments...

 Gather these moments and surround yourself with them. Art for your walls, objects of beauty, keep them close and refresh yourself each time you look at them.

Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.
— Kurt Vonnegut

My Story

  Raised in a house full of artists, steeped in constant creativity and endlessly fascinated by fantasy I developed a fertile imagination. Surprisingly, I never believed in fairies, Santa, dragons or magic, but somehow the idea of such things and the worlds where they could exist is, to this day, an endless source of fascination and inspiration for me.

  While my siblings took after my Mother's fine art leaning and learned to draw and paint beautifully I grew more and more frustrated with my lack of ability. After spending my early years running free with my cousins through the family tree farm in Ohio my family moved to Nepal. For five years we drank in the colors, scents, language and experiences of a fascinating new culture. Shortly before we moved back to Ohio we went on a two week trek through the Annapurna Mountains. To me that trip felt like living in a fantasy world. I longed to capture what I saw and how it made me feel in some way. Not long after we came back to the States my Mother gave me her Pentax Spotmatic SLR and I fell in love!

  Today I'm blessed to be married to my best friend and spending my days at home with our two kids and one rambunctious puppy. Over the years I have worked and studied to be able to capture my view of life through photographs. Each moment is precious and contains its own beauty, sometimes you just have to look harder to see it. It's a joy to always be making new images to express the magic of everyday life. 

I’ve always been captivated by the times when all life seems to hold it’s breath in awe of the perfect beauty of a single moment.
— Erin Beutel