DIY Fall Tree Centerpiece


Jasmine and I made this cute little tree for our mantel as an art project for school last year. It was fun, easy and eye-catching, so I thought it would make the perfect first DIY for my blog.

Supplies you'll need:

- glass vase or pitcher

- 3 to 5 smallish bare branches (or whatever size looks best in your vase)

- a cup or two of red lentils

- tissue paper in red, orange and yellow

- scissors

- thin gauge wire (I think mine is around 28)

- optional pin or tack

Start by pouring the lentils into your vase. Add the branches and arrange them however you like.


Next cut out a random assortment of oval shapes in all the colors for leaves. Mine are around an inch to an inch and a half. Don't worry if your leaves are not the "perfect" leaf shape. Jasmine made me a bunch that were square or triangular and they looked fine on the tree!

If you get tired of cutting individual leaves (which I did in about 2 minutes) you can accordion fold a small piece of tissue paper and cut a leaf out of the middle. Make sure you cut inside all the edges so none are hooked together and you'll have a little pile of individual leaves!

Next put two leaves together, one on top of the other, pinch the bottom together and poke the wire through it. My fine wire was too soft to put a hole through the leaves so I used a pin to make a small hole and threaded the wire through that.



Wrap the wire around the branch, twist the ends up, and voila! You can fill up your tree or leave it somewhat sparse like mine.




These little trees would make a high impact low cost centerpiece for a fall wedding. You could do the same in the spring with green leaves or little white paper flowers maybe. . .

Don't forget to pin it if you want to make it later!

xo Erin