Do you love interesting accessories that make you stand out? If you do, my jewelry is for you! Show off your personality with the jewelry you choose. Put on a cheerfully bright pair of hoop earrings and you will smile every time they brush your neck. Are you a busy Mom? Wearing a nice pair of earrings and some lip gloss will elevate your mood even if you feel like you spend your day rushing from yoga to ballet to soccer practice. Here's what you'll love about my pieces:

  • They are unique - (your girlfriends don't have them - yet!)  
  • Affordable and fun 
  • Great for layering
  • Modern but feminine
  • Wearable art

Some of my jewelry is embellished with glass or gemstone beads and others I leave in lovely simplicity.

If you are looking for wedding jewelry or bridesmaid's gifts, I will happily work with you to make custom pieces in the colors/settings that you like best!